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At a Glance


The Primary Care L.E.A.D. continuity clinic experience takes place at The Center for Children and Women Southwest. The Center for Children and Women is part of the Texas Children’s Health Plan Network and has been designated as a patient centered medical home by the National Committee for Quality Assurance. The goals of the Center for Children and Women are to provide quality care through preventative and collaborative medicine, address acute patient needs and offer extended access to prevent unnecessary emergency room visits.


Serving our Community


The Center for Children and Women's commitment to serve its community begins with offering comprehensive services which include medical, dental, vision, behavioral, pharmacy, nutrition, and labs. The Center believes that optimal pediatric primary care begins with maternal health, and it extends its services to include pre and post-natal care and GYN services.

The Center is committed to addressing barriers to care. The Center’s hours reflect this commitment to care by being open 7 days a week, having extended hours Monday through Friday and having scheduled telemedicine visits with the patients’ regular providers.


Learning and Training Opportunities


The Center for Children and Women strives to build partnerships with its patients, families, and the communities they live in. A coordinated team of talented physicians and other healthcare providers advocate for their patients to yield positive healthcare outcomes and improve patients' and providers' experience of care.

The environment at The Center for Children and Women emphasizes education and research to continue to strengthen the relationship between primary care providers and families. The Center has several academic partnerships and a variety of learners rotate through the Center. As a Primary Care L.E.A.D. resident, your continuity clinic site will be at The Center for Children and Women Southwest. Residents also have the option to complete a one-month rotation at the Center during your second and third year. At the Centers for Children and Women you will have exposure to the following:

  • Diverse patient population: two-thirds of the patient population is Hispanic and one-fourth are African American. All patients are insured by either Medicaid or CHIP.
  • Medical Home: The Center for Children and Women offers medical, dental, vision, behavioral, pharmacy and labs for all patients.
  • Social Medicine: The multidisciplinary approach at the Center allows residents to learn the fundamentals of community pediatrics.
  • Team Based Care: Residents will learn medicine in a team based environment and work with other healthcare professionals.
  • Collaboration: Residents will work with other healthcare professionals to provide integrative treatment plans for patients. 
  • Scholarly Activity: The Center serves as a perfect resource to initiate a Quality Improvement project.

Optimizing Health Care Delivery


The Center for Children and Women seeks to improve primary care, population health, and reduce costs per-capita of all healthcare utilizing The Institute for Healthcare Improvements Triple Aim Framework.

Triple Aim Goals



Improving Patient Care

Focusing on quality of care at The Center's for Children and Women leads to better health outcomes, patient satisfaction, and safety.

Improving Population Health

The center's focuses on providing preventative medicine, improving social and economic factors (increase literacy rates, unemployment, and poverty) and advocate for healthy behaviors (smoking cessation, healthier eating).

Reducing Costs

Reducing costs allows the clinics to remain sustainable and productive.