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As one of the preeminent departments of physical medicine and rehabilitation in the United States, the Baylor College of Medicine
H. Ben Taub Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation excels in clinical care, and education, leading to optimum quality of life for individuals with physical disabilities. We offer services related to brain injury and stroke, spinal cord injury, acute and chronic pain management, amputee, work injuries, and therapy. Our department provides a top tier residency program based in the heart of the world's largest medical center. We offer four fellowship training programs for brain Injury rehabilitation, pediatric rehabilitation, spinal cord medicine and a postdoctoral program in clinical neuropsychology.

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BCM PM&R Alumni Survey 

The Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation will celebrate its 70th year in 2024! We are trying to update our alumni directory and promote better ways to connect. Take this survey and forward it to any other alumni you know.