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The Division of Abdominal Transplant team spans multiple disciplines to address the complex problems of organ donation and transplantation as surgeons, hepatologist, nephrologists, critical care doctors and scientists delve into the intricacies of immunogenetics. 

Serving both adult and pediatric populations, faculty within the department are driving better outcomes through research to understand the diseases and risk factors causing organ failure. Faculty associated with the Immune Evaluation Laboratory at Baylor College of Medicine, conduct studies on cellular and antibody immune responsiveness in relation to graft rejection, and immune response to allogeneic stem cell infusions for heart failure patients.

Our Immune Evaluation Laboratory continues to expand its research activities as the largest program of its kind in the Texas Medical Center. The Clinical Research Collaborative, through a National Science Foundation grant, is pursuing machine-learning techniques to improve predictive models in transplant medicine. Other faculty are embarking on 3D bio-additive implantable artificial kidneys as the next era of transplant medicine.

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Hear from the Liver Transplant team at Baylor College of Medicine.

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