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Researchers in the Division of Plastic Surgery are always striving to increase the quality of life for their patients in a holistic way as they work across disciplines to restore both physical form and function. The interventions of our surgeons go beyond cosmetic concerns to address serious deformities caused by trauma, surgical interventions, fibrosis and scarring. 

The department is seeking innovative ways to use advances in fat grafting science and technique. Recent studies have demonstrated that adipose tissue, which contains adipose tissue-derived stem cells, offers proliferative and regenerative potential. Autologous fat transfer can be used for breast reconstruction and facial surgery, but also offers a valuable new approach to address contractile scar formation and fibrosis. 

The newly formed discipline of spino-plastic reconstruction may be one of the most exciting initiatives within the department. Bringing together the expertise of surgeons from the fields of orthopedics, neurology, and plastics, spino-plastics is offering highly creative surgical techniques to treat challenging spinal pathologies.  

In addition to these clinical and scientific advances, division faculty have published numerous studies related to value-based cost allocation, telehealth implementation, business policy, and training in order to best position the field of plastic surgery to meet future challenges.

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