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BCM Clinician Resources is a multi-purpose website to support the continuing professional development of Baylor College of Medicine clinicians, faculty, and staff. The website provides access to an evolving learning library of evidence-based activities including On-Demand activities for your convenience that are fully indexed to provide faceted search returns to facilitate locating education for just-in-time learning; support for developing accredited educational programming, resources for professional growth, and a searchable index of clinical trials.

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Baylor Clinician Resources has three main objectives:

  • To offer a customizable learning experience supported by an expanding library of evidence-based educational activities.
  • To share tools and resources for developing accredited medical education activities.
  • To support the ongoing professional development of educators and faculty.

Welcome to Clinician Resources

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C Michael Fordis Jr, M.D.
C Michael Fordis Jr, M.D., Senior Associate Dean for Continuing Professional Development

Baylor Clinician Resources is a space dedicated to improving patient health outcomes through innovative delivery of training and education for the clinical workforce. This site reexamines the way we engage with and deliver medical education, with an emphasis on sharing content that is dynamic, usable, and increasingly tailored to meet the needs of learners.

Our hope is that users engage with and contribute to the array of resources on this site and, in doing so, find the inspiration, creativity, and tools for driving practice change, supporting quality improvement, contributing to the resources, and advancing patient health.

Please join us.

Michael Fordis, M.D.