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Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to be on the Baylor network (Baylor intranet) to access the online system?

No. The forms/website are public and can be accessed from outside of the Baylor network. This should eliminate firewall and other potential access-related issues. If you do have an issue at your location, please try accessing the system through an alternative network or you may access the site through and clicking on the Faculty Evaluations link.

Can I access and complete the form through my tablet or iPad?


What is the preferred browser for accessing and using the system?

The latest versions of Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari are recommended. Some users have experienced issues with Firefox. The functionality within the form may be impacted when using older versions of these browsers. If there appear to be formatting issues within the form, you may try reducing the size of your browser screen.

I don’t remember my Baylor ECA (username) and/or password. How can I retrieve that information?

Please visit the Baylor Password Self Service on the Baylor intranet or call the Baylor IT Help Desk at (713) 798-8737.

I use my affiliate institution email address (MEDVAMC, Texas Children's, etc.). How will this impact me?

The system uses your Baylor ECA (user name) to send Baylor email notifications to and from the faculty member and supervisor when a form has been submitted by a faculty member and completed by the supervisor. In order to receive these email notifications, you must use your Baylor email.

Can I save my partially completed form and complete it later?

Yes. You may access your form at any time prior to submitting it to your evaluator. Simply log back in and pick up where you left. Once you submit your form to your evaluator for his or her review, you will not be able to access the form again until after the evaluator completes their review and routes it back to you.

Do I need to save my information each time I leave a particular page/section?

No. The system auto saves the form every 30 seconds. If you wish to ensure the form is saved in the system, please select the save button.

I’m having IT-related issues with the form – access is denied, the login page is not pulling up, the form will not allow me to move to the next page, etc. What should I do?

Please contact A member of the Faculty Affairs team will route your question(s) to the appropriate individual in Baylor IT.


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This video provides tips to keep in mind when evaluating performance.