Faculty Credentials and Qualifications


SACSCOC Requirements


In compliance with the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC), Baylor College of Medicine (BCM) ensures that all instructional faculty have met the established standards to teach based on the content and the level of each credit-bearing course assigned as an Instructor of Record (IoR). Baylor College of Medicine documents the qualifications of its teaching faculty on an on-going basis. It is the policy of the College to ensure that all teaching faculty (i.e., instructors of record) possess the academic preparation, training, and experience to teach in an academic setting. The Baylor College of Medicine Faculty Credentials and Qualifications Manual provides a comprehensive resource outlining the required qualifications and supporting documentation for all instructional faculty assigned teaching responsibility as an IoR. In addition, faculty serving in a program coordinator capacity must meet specified qualifications as well.

BCM policy and procedure is guided by:

Standard 6.2 

For each of its educational programs, the institution:

  • a. Justifies and documents the qualifications of its faculty members. (Faculty qualifications)
  • c. Assigns appropriate responsibility for program coordination. (Program coordination).

Alternative Credentials

If the prospective IoR is qualified to teach based on credentials other than academic degree(s) or if the academic credential is not in direct alignment with the course(s) (e.g., emerging fields of study, interdisciplinary), the “Alternative Credentials” process via the Education Role Recruitment Process Application must be completed for review and approval prior to assignment of the course(s). The following supporting documentation must be uploaded into the application:

  • Transcript(s)
  • Current CV or resume demonstrating direct, related substantial professional work experience; relevant research, scholarship or other scholarly activities; and/or other notable qualifications related to the proposed teaching assignment.
  • Licenses or certifications as related to the teaching assignment. Relevant information should be entered into the appropriate field plus any related documentation may be uploaded, as applicable.

In addition to the above documentation, a brief narrative providing a compelling justification of the relevant alternative credentials for a prospective IoR must be provided. A narrative justification should be included for all applicable alternative credential categories. For examples of acceptable and unacceptable justification statements please refer to The Baylor College of Medicine Faculty Credentials and Qualifications Manual.

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