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About the Center for Prosthetic and Orthotic Care


The Center for Prosthetic and Orthotic Care is the only academic medical center in the Houston metropolitan area and one of a few dedicated centers in the United States. The center is home to an elite team, passionate about providing the highest quality care to individuals with amputation and mobility challenges. We have multiple specialty clinicians representing the center, including prosthetists, orthotists, physical medicine and rehabilitation physicians, and engineers. We frequently collaborate with surgeons, physician specialists, and therapists to ensure complete and coordinated care is available in the Houston area and beyond.


Caring For

  • Amputees and pre-amputees
  • Amputee athletes
  • Complex cases
  • Limb salvage and wound care
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Neurological deficits
  • Orthopedic stabilization
  • Post-stroke mobility
  • Phantom limb pain
  • Return to work cases
  • Severe instabilities
  • Traumatic brain injury

Services Provided

  • Activity specific athletic care
  • Cranial remolding
  • Custom orthoses
  • Microprocessor controlled orthoses and prostheses
  • High-end custom orthoses
  • Limb salvage wound care offloading
  • Pre-amputation consultation
  • Targeted muscle reinnervation to manage phantom pain
  • Transfemoral and transtibial prostheses
  • Upper limb prostheses

Why Choose Baylor Medicine?


At Baylor Medicine’s Center for Prosthetic and Orthotic Care, we utilize all technologies and treatments. We are trained in virtually all approaches ensuring care is tailored to patient needs. We believe that great care requires excellent two-way communication and representation of all necessary specialties.


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Multidisciplinary Team

Item Definition

Instead of a siloed approach to care, you will have multiple providers in the room working together to provide evaluation and plan your care. At a minimum, this will include a rehab physician who will coordinate all of the medical aspects of your care, as well as a prosthetist/orthotist who will work together with your physician to provide individualized treatment options. These providers work closely to ensure the entire team has all the information they need to solve complex problems.


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Access to the Latest Technologies and Research

Item Definition

Our center specializes in complex cases. We have access to the latest technologies and research and work with many individuals who have not been successful with other providers. In many cases, we provide orthoses and prostheses that have yet to be released to the general public or are customized beyond what most clinicians can offer.


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When you choose Baylor Medicine’s Center for Prosthetics and Orthotics, you are selecting a team of clinicians who can provide complex transfemoral prostheses, activity-specific athletic care, upper limb prostheses, and high-end custom orthoses. Our clinicians utilize the best materials and latest techniques to ensure high-performance, fit, and

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