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Male Infertility Evaluation


To achieve your goal of pregnancy – and avoid unnecessary treatments, costs, and risks – you need to be properly diagnosed. A physical evaluation and laboratory testing are key elements in achieving an accurate diagnosis. 

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What is involved in the evaluation of the male patient?



A thorough history will review the general health of the patient, duration of the infertility problem, sexual habits, previous pregnancies, and earlier treatment, as well as the history of illnesses such as post-pubertal mumps and testicular torsion.

Physical Examination

The physical examination will focus on the penis and scrotal contents, testicular size and consistency, presence, or absence of the vas deferens, and swelling or tenderness of the epididymides. The physician will examine for the presence of enlarged veins around the testicle (varicoceles) and conduct a prostate examination.

Routine Laboratory Testing

Laboratory testing will include semen analysis and determination of serum hormone levels of specific hormones, including FSH, LH, testosterone, and prolactin. Abnormalities may be a sign of a primary hormone problem in the hypothalamus, pituitary, or testis.

The Special Procedures Laboratory at Baylor Medicine provides appropriate testing and expert evaluation of male infertility laboratory test results. The offered evaluations – which require a prescription from your doctors – are as follows: