Human Stem Cell Core Fees

Fees for Human Stem Cell Core Services


Internal (BCM)

External Institutions

Basic Training Class


*see note below table

Reprogramming Mini-Course or Workshop



Technical Consultation



Erythroid Expansion of PBMCs



Reprogramming Package



Reprogramming Package B (5+ samples)



Trilineage assay and RT-qPCR



PluriTest assay



Karyotyping by G-banding



KaryoStat assay



Mycoplasma assay (2 controls must be added)



Thawing and expansion without cryopreservation

$215/cell line


Thawing, expansion, and freezing (4 vials)

$268.75/cell line


Thawing, expansion, and freezing (10 vials)

$537.50/cell line


hESCs (frozen vials) WiCell MTA required



hiPSCs (frozen vials) UBMTA required



Irradiated MEFs (frozen vials)



Genome Editing Phase I - Consultation, Design, Custom Reagent Synthesis

~$700/for KO

~$1,100/for KI


Genome Editing Phase II - Transfection and Clonal Selection

~$1,800/for KO

~$2,700/for KI


Genome Editing Phase III - Clone Analysis and Screening

~$600/for KO

~$1,800/for KI


Genome Editing Phase IV - Expansion and Quality Testing of Genome Edited Cell Lines

~$750/per (+) clone



*External Institutions


• External non-MOU academic/non-profit pricing is 20 percent more than internal.
• For-profit organizations must pay indirect costs.
• Purchase Orders are accepted.
• 4 percent processing fee is added for credit card payments.