Mass Spectrometry Proteomics Core


About the Core


Mass Spectrometry Proteomics Core provides a broad range of services with beginning-to-end support that includes project evaluation and design, sample processing and biochemical purifications, mass spectrometry measurements, data processing, and bioinformatics analysis performed by the experienced core personnel. The Proteomics Core considers, on case-by-case basis, special R&D agreements for collaborative initiatives than include method and informatics development.

BCM Mass Spectrometry Proteomics Core is supported by the Dan L. Duncan Comprehensive Cancer Center Award (P30 CA125123), CPRIT Core Facility Awards (RP170005 and RP210227), Intellectual Developmental Disabilities Research Center Award (P50 HD103555), and NIH High End Instrument Award (S10 OD026804, Orbitrap Exploris 480). Please remember to acknowledge our funding sources in publications that use data produced by our core.

Email us at to set up a consultation! All inquiries receive a free consultation.

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