Metabolomics Core


About the Core


The Metabolomics Core at Baylor College of Medicine provides three major services - Targeted Metabolomics, Metabolomics Flux and Untargeted Lipidomics analysis. Targeted metabolomics offers various pathway-specific targeted assays. It is capable of relative label quantification of more than >500 metabolites from various biological specimens such as serum/plasma, urine, tissue, cells, fecal, and other fluids. Metabolic Flux analysis provides the isotopic pattern of targeted metabolites using isotope-labeled substrates such as glucose, and glutamine in live cells (limited to in vitro), then relative quantifies the changes of the targeted metabolites and targeted pathway. Finally, through untargeted lipidomics, metabolomics core provides global lipidomics profiling and is able to identify more than ~800 lipids and their classes.

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