Metabolomics Core Services and Fees

  • Given price for relative measurements.
  • Additional cost for absolute concentrations of each metabolite and need to discuss with core director. The cost will vary for the new metabolites which are not included in these assays.
  • The cost is only for internal (BCM) and other institutions which had a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with BCM. 
  • The same price applies for CPRIT Metabolomics Core users.
Untargeted Metabolomics
Untargeted Metabolomics$300 Per sample
Untargeted Lipidomics
Unbiased Lipidomics$260 Per sample
Targeted Metabolomics
Name of Assays (Cost per 10 samples)TissuesCellsSerum /Plasma/Urine
Assay 1Amino sugars$644$484$429
Assay 2Amino acids$644$484$429
Assay 3Prostaglandins$805$616$537
Assay 4Carnitines$805$616$537
Assay 5Polyamines$805$616$537
Assay 6Glycolysis Intermediates$805$616$537
Assay 7TCA$805$616$537
Assay 8Nucleotides$805$616$537
Assay 9Vitamins$805$616$537
Assay 10Steroids$805$616$537
Assay 11Bile acids$805$616$537
Assay 12Short-Chain Fatty Acids$805$616$537
Assay 13Methylated Metabolites$805$616$537
Assay 14Fatty acids$805$616$537
Assay 15Neurotransmitters and related metabolites$805$616$537
Metabolic Flux
Isotopic TracerPathwaysCells (cost per 15 samples)
[13C] GlucoseGlycolytic Metabolism$1,950
[13C] GlucoseTCA Metabolism$1,950
[13C] GlutamineTCA Metabolism$1,950
[13C] GlucosePentose Phosphate Metabolism$1,950
[13C] GlucoseFatty acid Flux$1,950
[13C] GlutamineFatty acid Flux$1,950