Weather Update

BCM Family Medicine on Kirby is without electrical power. Patients with appointments on Monday at this location will be moved to Baylor Medicine on the McNair Campus:  7200 Cambridge St, 7th floor, Suite 7B. Patients will be contacted. For questions, call 713-798-7700.


Mouse Metabolic and Phenotyping Core Assistance Services


Tech Time

  • Technician Time for assistance with phenotyping studies

Lipid Extraction

  • Extraction of lipids from samples for later lipid analysis

Injections and Drug Administration

  • Tail vein injections
  • Intra-peritoneal Injections
  • Intra-adipose Injections
  • Sub-cutaneous Injections
  • Oral gavage

Blood Collection/Plasma Prep

  • Blood collection from mice/rats for blood parameter analysis


  • Training for Data Collection or Data Analysis related to MMPC assays

Data Analysis Assistance

  • Scoring of Echocardiography, Imaging, or other data
  • Signal processing
  • Development of analysis pipelines and tools
  • Statistical Analysis and Figure Preparation