Weather Update

BCM Family Medicine on Kirby is without electrical power. Patients with appointments on Monday at this location will be moved to Baylor Medicine on the McNair Campus:  7200 Cambridge St, 7th floor, Suite 7B. Patients will be contacted. For questions, call 713-798-7700.


Collection, Embedding and Sectioning of Tissue


We can assist users with:

  • Dissecting rodent tissue (to be embedded in OCT freezing media)
  • Freezing tissue (freshly dissected tissue or fixed tissue provided by you) in OCT freezing media
  • Cryostat sectioning

Sections for ISH: We prefer to use 20-25µm sections of fresh frozen tissue for ISH (good preservation of mRNA) and the sections for ISH need to be collected on slides. We can work with fixed tissue too, but the mRNA preservation might vary.

Other sections: If you do not need ISH services, we can still section your tissue for you (fresh frozen, or fixed and then frozen) and provide the sections on slides, or as free-floating sections in PBS.

The price for sectioning is per slide for sections collected on slides (2-8 sections per slide depending on the tissue), or per section for free-floating sections.