Jennette Moreno Lab

Moreno Lab Projects


Fort Bend Longitudinal Study

This was five-year longitudinal study (kindergarten – 5th grade) which examined BMI changes during the school year and summer months among an ethnically diverse kindergarten cohort as they progressed through elementary school. Our results  demonstrated that children increased their BMI at a faster rate during summer compared to the school year. This research was funded by the Oliver Foundation.

Understanding Childhood Obesity

This was a mixed methods study which explored parent’s perceptions of the causes of summertime increases in standardized body mass index among children. Funding provided by the Mullen Foundation.

School Summer Sleep Study

We conducted a longitudinal observation study in which we measured children’s sleep and physical activity during the school year and summer. Body mass index was measured at the beginning, end, and start of the next school year allowing us to examine the relationship between children’s sleep and rest activity patterns and change in BMI during the school year and summer. Funding provided by the Texas Children's Pediatric Pilot Research Fund.

i♥rhythm Project

This project is currently recruiting participants (H-47369). The i♥rhythm Project was developed to prevent weight gain among 5-8 year olds by promoting consistent sleep and eating patterns. This study is funded by NICHD R00HD091396.

Epidemiology of Childhood Obesity

This study will examine behavioral predictors of children’s weight gain (i.e., sleep, physical activity, sedentary behavior) using the school-summer paradigm in order to facilitate a better understanding of how to behaviorally target interventions to prevent child obesity. Supported by United States Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service CRIS 3092-51000-058.