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Our lab is interested in several facets of viral infections in the gastrointestinal tract. Lab members are studying underlying mechanisms of viral replication, pathogenesis, and virus-host interactions of two common enteric viral infections, norovirus and rotavirus. In addition, we have several projects on vaccine development and developing therapeutics that limit severe disease caused by these viruses. The lab is also interested in the genomic basis of infectious diseases and in understanding how the intestine repairs following infection.

The use of intestinal organoid cultures is a foundation for most of the studies in the lab. These cultures are derived from stem cells isolated from human intestinal tissue. The stem cells are propagated in vitro and form mature intestinal epithelium upon growth factor manipulation. In order to increase the complexity of this human biomimetic model, we are integrating engineered platforms that incorporate mechanoinduction, immune and neuronal cells, and the microbiome.

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Selected References


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