Third Trimester


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Finalize Birth Plans

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Determine where you plan to deliver, who you want in the delivery room, and make plans in case your regular doctor is not available when you go into labor.

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If you would like to, or need to, use an epidural or other pain medication during delivery, you may want to meet with the anesthesiologist, the doctor who will give you the medication, before delivery. He or she will need to be aware of your mobility impairment and special needs for administering the medication ahead of time. Women with SCI may require an epidural to reduce the risk of autonomic dysreflexia. Any woman who has had a spinal fusion or has scoliosis should speak to the anesthesiologist before having an epidural placed.

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Hospital Accessibility

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You may need to arrange for an accessible hospital room and the addition of any extra equipment you may need (such as lifts, shower chairs, etc.) ahead of time. Also discuss if you will need extra assistance for showering, transfers, or other personal care.

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Prepare to Bring the Baby Home

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Have a plan in place for any extra support you may need when you get home. This includes personal care for you to allow you time to rest and heal from delivery - something every woman should allow herself time to do.


Continuing Concerns

  • Urinary Tract Infections: Know the signs and symptoms of UTIs as you are at an increased risk during pregnancy.
  • Bowel and Bladder Changes: Pay attention to bowel and bladder changes and discuss them regularly with your doctor.
  • Seating and Positioning: Check for skin breakdown regularly and discuss necessary changes with your mobility provider.
  • Transfers: Transfers may become more difficult and you may want to discuss temporary options to make transfers easier while pregnant.
  • Mobility: Your mobility needs may change in pregnancy. You may need to temporarily use a wheelchair if you do not use one already. If you have a manual chair, you may need assistance pushing or you may want to consider a temporary power chair or scooter.
  • Swelling: Swelling is normal in all pregnant women. However, women with mobility impairments are at a higher risk for blood clots while pregnant. Speak to your doctor about the warning signs of a blood clot and how you can prevent them.