Information for Patients


NOTICE: The Undiagnosed Diseases Center at Baylor College of Medicine does not provide emergency or urgent care. If you are experiencing urgent medical problems, please consult your regular medical providers or go to your local emergency room/urgent care facility. 


Who may benefit from an evaluation with the BCM Undiagnosed Diseases Center

  • Individuals with ongoing medical problems that remain undiagnosed despite evaluations by multiple specialists
  • Individuals with a known diagnosis, but who have unusually severe symptoms (and sometimes with family history) of the condition
  • Adults and children

What happens after I apply?


The BCM UDC team completes an initial review of the self-referral. If your case is determined to be eligible for additional evaluation by the BCM UDC, you will be invited to provide additional medical records, which may be securely uploaded through the Consultagene platform.

Possible outcomes after the BCM UDC completes a review of the submitted records:

  • There are no suggestions for additional testing because your previous evaluations have been thorough and appropriate.
  • Additional tests or consultations are suggested for you to complete through your local healthcare provider, or if you wish by our local Baylor Medicine and/or Texas Children’s Hospital physicians. Suggestions may also include enrollment in other research studies.
  • We offer acceptance in our “Undiagnosed Diseases Evaluation,” which may include a combination of evaluations at home, via telehealth, or in-person at the Texas Medical Center in Houston, Texas.