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Our interns train in the Texas Medical Center.

Your position is a real job, with a compensation package of approximately $5,400 for nine weeks. Depending on the funding source, your compensation will be all salary or a combination of salary and allocation for housing or travel. In addition to everything you learn about science through research, daily seminars, discussion groups, and extra activities; the experience of getting to know the other participants and people here at Baylor College of Medicine is extraordinary.

We welcome students from all science and math majors, and even non-science majors with appropriate background and interest. Projects span the spectrum of biomedical science, including projects in bioengineering and computational biology.

Our program has gained nationwide recognition from students, their advisers, and granting agencies as one of the most successful ever created due to our incomparable resources in the Texas Medical Center and people who truly believe in opening doors of opportunity to college students.


SMART Speaks


"I came to Baylor College of Medicine in 2014 as a SMART student after I came across the program when searching for a summer program. I loved it! I survived the Houston summer and still wanted to come back to Houston. There is so much collaboration here, not just within BCM, but throughout the medical center." - Brittany Armstrong, Ph.D. Student and Former SMART Participant

“When I had my first meeting with my bench mentor, I was super nervous to the point where I was scared to ask questions. However, Dr. Lian soon proved me wrong. Surprisingly, he was understanding and has been providing me with resources to facilitate my research. He made sure to not use jargon during our talk, and I felt like I was talking to a friend rather than a supervisor. Overall, I am very thankful to SMART for this opportunity.” - Jessie, 2020 SMART Student

“The research discussion group has exceeded my expectations. Where I expected a group of self-isolating, timid individuals, I have found. Vibrant and engaging group. Moreover, the nature of each meeting has been well beyond what I anticipated. Discussions and activities with the group have kept me engaged, interested and professional. Given the circumstances, I could not have asked for a better summer research experience.” - Matt, 2020 SMART Student

“This is my second year participating in the SMART program. I reapplied because I had such a great experience last year. Baylor staff have done an amazing job transitioning the program online while providing students with the same opportunities. I am thankful to my mentors and Baylor staff for this invaluable experience.” Miranda, 2019 & 2020 SMART Student


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