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How do I access the Genboree Workbench for my own bioinformatics analysis?

You can register for free at Anyone can register to use the Genboree Workbench tools, but the BRL Core must be contacted regarding the amount and type of data that you wish to upload and store. We offer free hosting of experimental data up to 50 GB (limit subject to change depending on use). Monitoring available disk space allows us to manage storage as necessary to accommodate the largest number of users.

If you wish to upload your data into Genboree, please fill out the Investigator/Project Profile, describing your project. Once the form is reviewed, the BRL Core staff will meet with you and/or the principal investigator (in person or by phone) to discuss your needs. From your project description we will help you determine which type of analysis best suits your needs, and as appropriate, schedule training on the appropriate Genboree Workbench toolset. Depending on specific needs, training may occur via online documents and tutorials, webinars, or in person.