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Task Force to Promote Diversity in Clinical Research Participation


Clinical Trials are research studies involving people (healthy volunteers or patients) that test the safety and effectiveness of a new treatment or medical products like medicines, vaccines, and devices. These studies may show which medical approaches work best for certain illnesses or groups of people. Quite often, racial and ethnic minorities are underrepresented in clinical research. This is a concern because people of different ages, races, and ethnicities may react differently to medical products.

Led under the direction of Dr. Rayne Rouce, the Diversity Task Force's focus is to increase the recruitment of underserved/underrepresented minority populations into clinical trials. We are committed to significantly improving minority enrollment into clinical trials representing the patients who will use the medical products and could benefit from these innovative medical treatments.

With guidance from the Diversity Task Force, we have produced two videos to encourage participation in clinical trials.

A Win-Win for Everyone - a short reel about the importance of participating in clinical trials in the African American community (English ~6 minutes)

Todos Ganamos - a short reel about the importance of participating in clinical trials in the Hispanic Community (Spanish with English subtitles ~6 minutes)


Support in Recruitment of Racial/Ethnic Minorities


Clinical studies are essential to advance science across the cancer care continuum, from prevention to survivorship. Diversity and inclusion of all cultures and genders are key to clinical studies to ensure that current and future procedures, treatment, and care are successful with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment for all.

Today there still remains a huge underrepresentation of minority populations that participate in clinical trials. The Community Outreach and Engagement plans to narrow this disparity by serving as a liaison between research clinicians and the community.

The COE goals are:

  • Increase minority recruitment by actively engaging community stakeholders and reporting back on research findings.
  • Increase minority participation through promoting research projects in collaboration with community-based organizations

The COE promotes diversity and inclusion in clinical trials through patient education, provider trainings, and community outreach. The Clinical Trials program, led by Dr. Martha Mims, Associate Director of Clinical Research, has over 20 years of clinical trial expertise. Dr. Mims leads a team of researchers that are dedicated to eliminating cancer and narrowing cancer disparities in underserved/underrepresented populations.

In collaboration with the cancer clinical trials, the COE educate patients and the community at large on the importance of minorities participating in clinical trials. We meet monthly with a multidisciplinary and diverse group of clinicians, educators, and researchers to discuss barriers faced by minority populations, activities to engage patients and the community at large, and opportunities to collaborate with community stakeholders. 

In addition, the COE developed educational videos on the importance of minorities participating in clinical trials. These videos can be viewed on our Online Health Library under the Monologues – Quick Reels tab.  

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