Department of Pathology & Immunology

Resident Spotlight: Cagla Yasa Benkli, M.D.

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Cagla Yasa Benkli

What is your favorite memory from residency? 

I am going to share two of my favorites with you, among many. Pre-pandemic times, our program’s leadership offered a lovely dinner for all the residents and their families and for the faculty in one of Houston’s vibrant restaurants. I enjoyed that get-together a lot and missed those opportunities during the long pandemic year! Another favorite was my teaching experiences through the Immunologic & Pathologic Basis of Disease course for our first-year medical students. I enjoyed tremendously interacting with them, and hopefully I sparked an interest in them for our vast discipline of pathology and laboratory medicine. 

Why did you choose pathology?

I genuinely enjoyed the diagnostic challenges of the patient care during my medical education. I love the fact that pathology had all the puzzles’ pieces, with morphology and genomics alongside the clinical data. I also love the various morphological patterns in which human biology manifests. I treasure looking at them and solving them. With each diagnostic challenge overcome, I cherish helping a patient.

What drew you to the Baylor College of Medicine Department of Pathology & Immunology?

I was looking for a program that harbored good case volume and case variability, as well as a structured and well-established curriculum within a learner-friendly environment. A supportive, collegial resident group was the key. BCM fulfilled all the criteria. I was also fascinated by the Texas Medical Center, its large patient variety and state-of-the-art patient care practices. Being part of such an outstanding healthcare community was one of the motivators! 

What’s your favorite thing and/or spot in Houston?

I am in love with Houston’s public green spaces. One of my recent favorites is Museum of Fine Arts- Houston’s Sculpture garden. It is a community green space surrounded by art, with its red table & chairs among sculptures. It is perfect for an afternoon coffee from the museum’s café and people watching. It is a peaceful little gem! 

What is one new thing you started in residency that you hadn’t done before? 

I started indoor cycling and I am building-up for the outdoors! I tried various indoor classes and loved them! Soon, I will be purchasing a new bike, I am looking forward to cycle around my neighborhood. 

What type of cell would you be and why? 

Red blood cell, while flowing gracefully and peacefully, carrying the oxygen to every single possible corner, and helping out as much as it can.