Department of Pediatrics

Pediatric Hospital Medicine Fellowship Scholarly Activity


Fellows have 32 weeks of dedicated time for scholarly activity/research. This includes:

  • Completion of Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI)
  • Submission of an Institutional Review Board (IRB) protocol for a research project
  • Participation in PHM Advisory Committee on Excellence in Research (ACER)/Works in Progress sessions
  • Participation in Fellows College Topics in Research sessions
  • Participation in PHM Fellows Writing Series
  • Participation in Scholarship Oversight Committee
  • Submission of an APA/AAP/SHM abstract submission (and presentation if accepted)
  • Attendance at one academic meeting per year
  • Presentation of research at Scholarly Oversight Committee Meeting and at TCH

Fellow’s Research Symposium

  • Completion of a research project mentored by an experienced faculty member (See separate document for mentor requirements.)
  • In accordance with American Board of Pediatrics Subspecialty Requirements:
    • In addition to participating in a core curriculum in scholarly activities, all fellows will be expected to engage in projects in which they develop hypotheses or in projects of substantive scholarly exploration and analysis that require critical thinking.
    • Areas in which scholarly activity may be pursued include, but are not limited to:  basic, clinical, or translational biomedicine; health services; quality improvement; bioethics; education; and public policy. In addition to biomedical research, examples of acceptable activities might include a critical meta-analysis of the literature, a systematic review of clinical practice, a critical analysis of public policy, or a curriculum development project with an assessment component. Involvement in scholarly activities must result in the generation of a specific written “work product.”
    • Work Product is a peer-reviewed publication in which a fellow played a substantial role and examples include the following:
      • An in-depth manuscript describing a completed project
      • A thesis or dissertation written in connection with the pursuit of an advanced degree
      • An extramural grant application that has either been accepted or favorably reviewed
      • A progress report for projects of exceptional complexity, such as a multi-year clinical trial
    • Review of scholarly activity and the written work product will occur at the local level, with each fellow having a Scholarship Oversight Committee responsible for overseeing and assessing the progress of each fellow and verifying to the ABP that the requirement has been met.