Department of Pediatrics

Parent Publications


Here we provide summaries of several helpful books about parenting.


Breastfeeding Your Hospitalized Baby


by Nancy May Hurst, RN, M.S.N., IBCLC, Texas Children's Hospital, 2004, 38 pages

Breastfeeding Your Hospitalized Baby, Texas Children's Hospital


What to Do When Your Baby Is Premature


by Joseph A. Garcia-Prats, M.D., and Sharon Simmons Hornfischer, RN, BSN. Three Rivers Press, 2000, 361 pages.

What to Do When Your Baby Is Premature has the most up-to-date information on:

  • Most common medical conditions that can cause prematurity
  • Steps to take to prevent early delivery
  • Latest options for treatment
  • Understanding the neonatal intensive care unit
  • Specific recommendations for different stages of prematurity
  • Taking premie babies home

Good Marriages Don't Just Happen


by Catherine Musco Garcia-Prats and Joseph A. Garcia-Prats, M.D. Thomas More, 2000, 272 pages.

"Following our first book, Good Families Don't Just Happen, we decided to write another detailing the ingredients for a successful marriage. In our book Good Marriages Don't Just Happen we hope that the readers will gain an understanding of the important components that have helped us to have a successful marriage while raising our ten sons." (Catherine & Joseph Garcia-Prats)