Department of Surgery

T32 Admissions


Surgery T32 Training Program Application Requirements and Deadline


Our program uses a two-step process to select fellows.

1. Submission of a curriculum vitae and an initial application focused on candidate background, interests, and career goals. This will help us identify potential mentors. Once the candidate has been matched with a mentor, they will work together to develop a full fellowship proposal. Please submit your CV and an application as soon as possible so we can help you choose a mentor and plan a full proposal.  

2. Submission of a full proposal focused on the research plan and a career development statement, both developed in partnership with the mentor. Final, full proposals will be due by 5 p.m. CST on Friday, December 27, 2024. Selections will be made in January 2025.  

This is a research fellowship, and the expected start date is July 1, 2025.  

Please submit all materials to Georgia Rochester.

Format of the Initial T32 Application

Applications should be single-spaced with ½ inch margins and 11-point, Times New Roman or Arial font. 

  1. A cover sheet that provides the following information (all needed for our NIH program annual report):
    1. Your name
    2. Number of publications (in peer-reviewed journals, excluding abstracts)
    3. Number of first-authored publications
    4. The institution from which you received your doctoral degree (applicants must hold an MD and/or PhD)
    5. Whether you are a US citizen or permanent resident (applicants must be US citizens or permanent residents)
    6. Disability disclosure (Optional)
      1. Yes, I have a disability, or a history/record of having a disability
      2. No, I don’t have a disability, or a history/record of having a disability
      3. I don’t wish to answer 
    7. Racial and Ethnic Category (Optional, definition for each category)
      1. American Indian or Alaska Native
      2. Asian  
      3. Black or African American
      4. Hispanic or Latino
      5. Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander
      6. White
        NIH collects racial and ethnic data on appointment forms, and using other formats (certification letters, training tables, etc.).   See, e.g., Section G. 110, Application Process, Related Resources, Information Collection. Declining to provide racial and ethnic information does not affect consideration of an application; however, NIH programs designed to enhance the participation of individuals who have been determined to be underrepresented in health-related sciences on a national basis require such information. 
  2. Your current CV
  3. A document (one or two pages) that includes the following sections:
    1. Personal statement – Describe your career goals, both short- and long-term, and how mentored training in cardiovascular research would help you achieve those goals. In the personal statement, clarify which of the three T32 training tracks best suits your career goals and research interests. 
    2. Education and training – Describe your relevant prior education and training (including clinical surgical training).
    3. Research experience – If you have prior research experience, please describe this and how it relates to your proposed project. Research experience is not required. 

Format of the Full T32 Proposal


Please work closely with your mentor to develop the fellowship proposal. Proposals should be single-spaced with ½ inch margins and 11-point, Times New Roman or Arial font. Include the following:

  1. Research plan (two pages) – Provide a brief description of the background, hypothesis, aims, and planned approach for your research projects. 
  2. Career development plan (one page) – Provide a brief description of your career goals and how the mentor and the research project will help you achieve those goals. Plans may include learning new skills, submitting manuscripts, presenting at conferences, and building a scientific network.
  3. Letter of support from your mentor.