Voluntary (Clinical, Adjunct, Visiting)


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The following documents are required from the Academic Unit for appointment to this rank:

1. Letter of Request from head of Academic Unit

2. Record of Professional Training and Experience (RPTE) form prepared by the candidate

3. Request for Faculty Appointment/Promotion/Other (RFAP) form prepared by the Academic Unit


4. Current curriculum vitae of the candidate:


5. Official transcript of highest degree earned sent directly by the awarding academic institution. Please see Transcript Requirement. Please note that this transcript requirement applies only to those voluntary faculty members who will be participating in the education mission of Baylor College of Medicine.

6. Research Certified Voluntary Faculty Agreement form, if applicable. See Voluntary Faculty Research Certified Policy.

7. Letters of recommendation as applicable, see below.

At least three letters of support should accompany requests for appointment to the ranks of:

  • Clinical Professor
  • Adjunct Professor
  • Visiting Professor

At least six letters of support should accompany requests for appointment to the ranks of Clinical Professor.

However, this requirement for letters of reference would be waived for a person who holds a current position as associate professor, for the clinical associate professor title, or professor at another domestic or foreign academic institution.

See additional requirements for the concurrent holding of a Clinical Fellow and Instructor title.


Appointments and Promotions Guidelines


See Faculty Appointments and Promotions Guidelines.