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Chemical, Physical & Structural Biology Curriculum


Collaborative Community

"As someone coming from a chemistry background into a Biochemistry lab, I found that my mentor and the other students in the program were incredibly helpful in teaching me new techniques and helping me think more as a biologist." -- Elizabeth Bowling


Our most essential strength is a community of highly collaborative scientists that are focused on the success of our science and our students.

A unique aspect of our program is the level of student involvement in leadership and governance. Students have a voice at nearly every level of the program and organize seminars and career symposia. Correspondingly, there is a strong emphasis on effective mentorship and teamwork to enable your success now and in the future.


Preparing for Your Future


Career Development Activities

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The CPSB program includes activities designed to help you explore the many career opportunities available on graduation and to further develop your career beyond the laboratory. Part of this is the student-sponsored Career Development Seminar, through which student invite leaders in a variety of fields to discuss their career paths.

The BCM Career Development Center also offers many workshops and seminars as well as one-to-one counseling and other services.

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Student Voices


Wanderson Cabral De Rezende shares his experience in the Baylor College of Medicine Graduate School of Biomedical Research.


Student Success Resources


Student success resources at BCM are designed to help you successfully navigate through your education and into the workforce. Taking care of yourself is a pre-requisite your success in school and beyond. At BCM you will have many options to participate in individualized or group wellness programs, as well as access to support services including the Student Disability Services, Ombuds Office, and more.

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Team Launch


Team Launch provides innovative, interdisciplinary learning opportunities that will prepare you for careers in team-based science and healthcare.

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