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Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

Initiative for Maximizing Student Development


IMSD Program Overview


The Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences is committed to educating scientists from all segments of the U.S. population. Our impact on educating and training scientists from populations that have been traditionally under-represented in biomedical sciences has been greatly facilitated by funding from the National Institutes of Health. The National Institute of General Medical Sciences Initiative for Maximizing Student Development grant (GM56929, 1998-2024) has enhanced training for over 350 graduate students and 235 have received their Ph.D. or M.D./Ph.D. at Baylor College of Medicine.




Provide strategic leadership, administrative and academic structures to support the diversity of students and faculty underrepresented in science and medicine.




Enhance the intellectual life of the GSBS and the College by enabling a diversity of underrepresented graduates and faculty to undertake scholarly study, advance team-based science, and to prepare for and sustain a professional life.  Strategic areas to fulfill the mission:

  • Student experience – Ensure a diverse community of students underrepresented in science and medicine, optimize professional development opportunities, prepare students for a multiplicity of career paths, enable student flexibility, freedom, and independence in their academic and research experiences.
  • Learning and Assessment – Promote excellence in learning by coordinating assessment initiatives and pursue partnerships and external funding opportunities to develop innovative structures in support of scholarly and professional development.
  • Support of program, faculty, and staff – Coordinate the programs structure to strive for seamless, efficient, and aligned services that enable the programs to devote efforts and resources to support the diversity of students in their research, interdisciplinary collaborations, scholarship, and instruction.
  • Visibility – Celebrate and promote the talents, team-based research, and leadership of IMSD participants at the College and beyond and inform the community of important trends and initiatives in higher education through internal and external communication.



The Initiative for Maximizing Student Development is an NIH-NIGMS (GM056929) funded program to support the success of graduate students who are underrepresented in science and medicine. We provide services and activities including academic support, professional development, social and community events and recruiting outreach, and have built a community of like-minded students, trainees, administrators, and faculty. The IMSD program funds students who are U.S. citizens, non-citizen nationals or individuals lawfully admitted for permanent residency as listed below: View notice.

  • American Indian or Alaska Native
  • Black or African American
  • Hispanic or Latino
  • Individuals from Disadvantaged Backgrounds
  • Individuals with Disabilities
  • Native Hawaiian and other Pacific Islander
  • Sexual and Gender Minorities
  • Women in Math-intensive Research

Selection and Funding Support


The IMSD welcomes applications from individuals with experiences, interests, and backgrounds who would contribute to enriching our diverse community.  Eligible matriculating students may apply for the IMSD award by submitting an essay that describes the lived or specialized experiences, values, perspectives, and/or activities that shape them as scholars and would help them to make a distinctive contribution to the student community. The IMSD steering committee will select 10 students to receive the IMSD support for a 12-month stipend commensurate with GSBS guidelines.

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