School of Health Professions

Graduate Outcomes



Application and admissions metrics vary by year.

  • Average of 96 applicants per admissions cycle
  • Average of 60 interviews conducted per cycle
  • Recent incoming cohort trends:
    • Average age of 23
    • 30% male, 70% female
    • 14% in-state, 86% out-of-state

First-Time Board Exam Passing Rates

Graduates are required to take five separate board exams in order to become a Certified Prosthetist Orthotist. The following represent first-time passing rates for the last three years of available data (testing years 2020-2022). The "all graduates" category includes BCM graduate data.

Combined Orthotic and Prosthetic Written Exam

  • BCM graduates: 96.67%
  • All graduates: 81.67%

Prosthetic Written Simulation Exam*

  • BCM graduates: 91.33%
  • All graduates: 86.3%

Orthotic Written Simulation Exam*

  • BCM graduates: 96.67%
  • All graduates: 80.67%

Prosthetic Clinical Patient Management Exam

  • BCM graduates: 91.67%
  • All graduates: 81%

Orthotic Clinical Patient Management Exam

  • BCM graduates: 94%
  • All graduates: 85.33%

*Results are calculated from version 2 of the simulation exams offered in 2022


100% employment rate at 6 months post-graduation

  • 80% accept an offer prior to graduating
  • 12.5% accept an offer 1-3 months after graduating
  • 7.5% accept an offer 3-6 months after graduating

45% are employed at a clinic where they completed a residency rotation during the program

Graduates from 2019-2021 reported the following salary ranges as a board-eligible clinician:

  • 4.35% had a base salary between $40-$50k
  • 18.84% had a base salary between $50-$60k
  • 37.68% had a base salary between $60-$70k
  • 27.54% had a base salary between $70-80k
  • 7.25% had a base salary between $80-$90k
  • 4.35% had a base salary of greater than $90k

75.36% indicated they would be receiving a pay increase upon board certification (dual-certification is typically achieved by 6 months post-graduation)

72.46% were required to sign a non-compete as part of employment

What our graduates say

"Attending Baylor College of Medicine was one of the best decisions I have made. The faculty were knowledgeable and made me feel a part of a cohesive family. The residency program is unparalleled and fostered networking opportunities and learning that would not have been possible with a traditional residency. If I had to redo my master's degree, I would attend BCM again."

"I was taken seriously for my book knowledge throughout residency and I passed all my board exams on the first try. I feel like both of those are a testament to the didactic education. I benefit my current employer now by having such a wide range of experience and resources to pull from because of the exposure I received in residency."

"…having gone through my entire residency having to continually adapt to new workplace dynamics, clinical practices, patient populations, etc. not only made me feel well prepared and well rounded, but also coachable and open to new techniques and input."

"I had knowledge from multiple companies and am able to apply that knowledge daily. Compared to other residents from other schools, I felt way more prepared and ready to see patients/recommend devices."

"Great mentors and learning opportunities prepared me for clinic. Also, the ability to rotate at multiple sites throughout my residency gave me an opportunity to learn how to care for a variety of patient populations making me a valuable candidate to any company when I was looking for jobs."

What Employers Say

"Your graduate has outperformed any and all expectations of a new graduate. We are fortunate to have him a part of our team."

"Your graduate has been a great addition to our staff. She was able to step right in and be highly functional in our clinics with very little supervision."

"Your graduate has been a wonderful addition to our team…Her clinical evaluation skills, technical skills, and interpersonal skills are far beyond what is expected of a recent graduate…She had strong rotations throughout her residency which has helped strengthen her skills and understanding of the field."