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Make meaningful resolutions for the new year

Homa Shalchi


Houston, TX -

Losing weight, eating healthy, exercising and managing financials are typical resolutions people strive for in the new year. As 2020 nears its end, we reflect on the year and how we want to better ourselves next year. A Baylor College of Medicine expert explains how we should form our resolutions for the New Year, while staying away from superficial goals.
“I think 2021 resolutions should be different, but we should make them,” said Dr. Asim Shah, professor and executive vice chair in the Menninger Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences. “Our goals need to be different from every other year.”
We often put pressure on ourselves when creating resolutions. Allow yourself to relieve stress from 2020 by not placing such high expectations on yourself for the new year. Goals such as reducing weight, going to the gym and saving money can be more stressful in our current environment with the pandemic, Shah said.
“Go easy on yourself and choose resolutions that are necessary, like simply staying positive and optimistic and caring for one another,” Shah said.
Focus on goals to improve yourself in the new year. Instead of juggling five different resolutions, choose one goal that motivates you to be a better person, affect others and create positivity. Examples include:

•    Care for others
•    Stop gossiping or spreading misinformation
•    Listen to science
•    Stay positive
Whichever goal you choose, you must mentally prepare yourself from within.

•    Be prepared to accept that goal for yourself
•    Use self-reflection to help you achieve the goal
•    Be specific about your intentions, and hold yourself accountable
“New year’s resolutions are a good thing because they give you a reflection of your past year. They give us a reminder of what we want to change,” Shah said.

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