Hamed Jafar-Nejad Lab


Recent News

  • Ashutosh’s paper on the role of fly NGLY1 in gut permeability, innate immunity and lipid catabolism was accepted by Nature Communications.
  • Nima and Hamed were co-authors on a paper from the Darabi lab in Molecular Therapy - Nucleic Acids on modeling a muscle disease using iPSCs.
  • Nima’s manuscript on targeting Poglut1 in mouse models of Alagille syndrome liver disease was accepted by Hepatology.
  • Dr. Yusuke Urata from Professor Hideyuki Takeuchi’s group in Japan will be a visiting postdoctoral associate in our group.
  • Congratulations to Dr. Ashutosh Pandey for his promotion to a research assistant professor!
  • Congratulations to Dr. Nima Niknejad for his new position as a senior scientist at Nitto BioPharma!
  • Hamed presented our work at Grace Science Foundation Symposium in Palo Alto.
  • Duncan Fox gave a talk to CCHMC Liver Group (virtual)
  • We received a new Special Emphasis R01 from NIDDK for preclinical studies on ALGS mouse models in collaboration with Dr. Stacey Huppert.
  • Nima and Hamed presented our work at the Notch Gordon Conference in Lewiston.
  • Hamed became the chair of a new NIH Study Section called MRAD.