Stephanie Sisley Lab

Sisley Lab Projects and Studies


Genetic Disorders of Obesity Program


Project Dates: April 2021 - Present

This project is to understand the characteristics of children with early-onset obesity who are evaluated in the GDOP clinic. The aim is to use this information to determine better strategies for identifying children who would benefit from genetic testing, how children respond to therapies, and how to better support parents. This project also includes collecting samples from children and their parents for genetic analysis by future studies.


Central Vitamin D in Weight and Glucose Regulation


Project Dates: February 2013 - Present

This project is funded by the United States Department of Agriculture (cooperative agreement 6250-51000-053, PI Bier; Project 3092-51000-065-02S) and was previously funded by the American Diabetes Association (1-17-JDF-037; PI Sisley).  This project investigates the role of the vitamin D receptor in the brain on body weight and blood glucose regulation. The study uses genetic mouse models as well as investigations of the interaction of diet with vitamin D receptor action in the brain.

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