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July 5: Welcome Ryan McCormack, M.D., Ph.D., a PGY 4 from McGovern Medical School joining us for his research project.

July 5: Welcome Dylan Zisman to join us as a research technician.

June 24: Noura Hakam, our student intern, is now a matriculating class 2022 of the Neuroscience Program. We look forward to her continued growth and success!

March 4: Andrew McKinney passed his dissertation defense on “Intrinsic and Circuit Mechanisms Regulating the Excitability of the Locus Coeruleus.” Congratulations to Dr. Andrew McKinney! 

Feb. 16: Collaborating with Wu Lab, an NIH/NEI R01 research grant (No. R01EY033492) was awarded for the project ‘Multi-Cellular Analysis of the Retinal Network.’

Jan 31: Qiongling Wang joined our lab as an instructor.


Dec. 4: During the 27th Annual Neuroscience Poster Session, Dr. Siyuan Song presented his poster on his study “Layer- and Pathway- Specific Disruption of Perisomatic Inhibition in the Somatosensory Cortex of the Stargazer Model of Absence Epilepsy”.

Aug. 26: Partnering with Dr. Jun Wang at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, we have been awarded a prize from the 2021 John S. Dunn Collaborative Research Award.

Aug. 2: Joseph Cambell and Stephen Kyranakis, 1st-year Ph.D. students, join our lab for their first rotation. 

June 21: Noura Hakam joined our lab as a student helper. 

April 5: Si-yuan Song joined our lab as a post-doc associate.

April 1: The lab was awarded a DOD research grant. 

Jan 11: Qianqian Ma promoted to research associate.


Dec. 9: A new paper was published on BioRxiv. “Removal of KCNQ2 from Parvalbumin-expressing Interneurons Improves Anti-Seizure Efficacy of Retigabine”

Oct. 5: Ray Wong started a position in the lab as a staff scientist

June 29: Natalie Lau started a position in the lab as a technician.

June 15: The lab was awarded another NIH/NIMH R01 research grant.

April 20: Ming Hu started a position in the lab as an instructor.

April: The lab was awarded an NIH/NIMH R01 research grant.

Jan. 23: A new eLife paper is published. Cell type composition and circuit organization of neocortical radial clones.


Oct. 1: Natalie Lau started an internship in the lab.

Sept. 25: Qianqian Ma started a position in the lab as a technician.

Sept. 16: A new eLife paper is published. Neurexophilin4 is a selectively expressed α-neurexin ligand that modulates specific cerebellar synapses and motor functions

Sept 13: A new Nature Communication paper is published. Layer 4 of mouse neocortex differs in cell types and circuit organization between sensory areas

Aug. 7: The lab was awarded an NIH/NIMH R01 research grant.

April 6: The lab was awarded a DOD research grant.