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CIBR Center Seed Grant Awards


Each year in early Fall, since 2011, the CIBR Center for Computational and Integrative Biomedical Research has offered a Seed Grant Award opportunity sponsored by Baylor College of Medicine. The purpose of these awards is to support the mission of the CIBR Center by fostering novel collaborations that bridge the translational gap from data to models, and from models to drug discovery and personalized therapy. The CIBR Seed Grant Awards aim specifically to bring together research questions and methods from two or more labs that include substantive new analytical, statistical, or computational components. Successful proposals should aim to generate preliminary data leading to new R01 submissions by the following October.

The application review and selection process is overseen by CIBR faculty members and qualified Baylor scientists. Typically, six awards are granted at $15,000 each in unrestricted funds to be expended by the end of the following fiscal year. The awards are open to all Baylor faculty members; adjunct faculty, research faculty and instructors are eligible as collaborators.

Previous awardees may reapply for additional funding for up to four years or apply for funds on a new project. Applications are reviewed and scored on an NIH 1-9 scale.

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