Texas D-CFAR Mentoring Program


The Mentoring Program of the Texas D-CFAR provides support to junior faculty, trainees, and students wishing to conduct HIV-related research. As collaborative HIV science may lead to success in HIV prevention, treatment, or cure, we will support people from any academic discipline. Further, we welcome those of any academic rank or level who are new to the field of HIV research.

Our mentoring program is free for Texas D-CFAR members.

The leaders of the mentoring program are Dr. Elizabeth Chiao and Dr. Diane Santa Maria. In addition to their own successful NIH-funded research programs, they have decades of experience guiding mentees to develop and thrive in productive research careers and, therefore, understand what success means to a quality mentor-mentee relationship.


Once you join the mentoring program:

  • You will meet with us so we can learn of your interests and prior research experience 
  • You will be introduced to a potential mentor(s) that will be able to help you develop and accelerate your specific research program 
  • When you find the right “fit” of a mentor, we will guide you in creating an Individual Development Plan, a “contract” that data show supports mentoring and research success 
  • You will meet with us twice per year (or more, if needed) for check-ins to ensure you are having success with your mentor and to discuss what other Texas D-CFAR resources you need to succeed
  • You will be invited to Texas D-CFAR Mentoring Workshops on topics such as successful tips for worthwhile mentor-mentee relationships, writing a winning NIH K award application, and academic publishing 
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