Title IX Office

Prevention and Outreach Program


The Title IX Office is committed to creating and sustaining a campus culture free of sexual violence, stalking, domestic violence and dating violence. Through our prevention and outreach endeavors, we seek to empower campus community members to join us in this mission. In an effort to enhance our practices, we focus on a multi-disciplinary plan that increases awareness by educating our community members while emphasizing the importance of institutional action.

Months and Events to Celebrate

  • January - Stalking Awareness
  • February - TIX Prevention Week
  • March - Title IX Q & A
  • April - Sexual Assault Awareness Month
  • June - Title IX Q & A
  • September - Title IX Q & A
  • October - Domestic Violence Month

Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Sexual Assault Awareness Month is an annual campaign to raise public awareness about sexual assault and educate communities and individuals on how to prevent sexual violence. The teal ribbon and color symbolize sexual assault awareness and prevention. This week brings together an array of campus departments. The month sees a collection of programs, lectures, trainings, open to all of campus.

Prevention Week

Prevention week is a time to increase support to our community. There are many exciting events that are scheduled during this week.

Title IX and Disability Services Q & A

We know that Title IX and Disability can seem quite complex. These sessions allow the opportunity for BCM community members to participate in a Q & A session, given quarterly to answer any question you may have related to Title IX and its procedures.

Celebratory Months

During these months communication through onscreen flyers are provided to enhance the awareness of BCM’s community members on issues pertaining to stalking, sexual harassment, domestic and dating violence.