Baylor College of Medicine Alumni

Lifetime Alumni Email Address


If you are a graduate of one of Baylor College of Medicine’s diploma granting schools, the BCM Alumni Association offers you the opportunity to maintain an email address through the College for as long as you like. You can keep your College alumni email address service regardless of other email addresses you may have.
Your alumni email address will be created in the form of current Baylor email addresses, for example:

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What is the Baylor alumni email address service level?
The Alumni Association offers a lifetime email address to alumni. As this is an externally hosted email service, spam filtering is provided and managed by the third-party provider, including password resets.

How is the alumni email address different from the email address I had as a trainee?
Unlike your Baylor email, which is stored and managed by BCM Office of Information Technology and subject to the policies and regulatory oversight of the College, your alumni email is yours for all personal email and contact information. There are no specific oversight requirements for alumni email.

Can I forward my current email to my alumni email address?
College policy prohibits the automatic forwarding of your current email to any unapproved third-party email address, including alumni email. However, you are free to manually forward your personal email and contacts to this address just as you would any other address.

Can I obtain an alumni email address if I am a prior graduate of the College?
All alumni are encouraged to participate in the alumni email address service. For additional information on enrollment in this service as a prior graduate, please fill out a request here

Can I have an alumni email address if I am still at the College?
Yes. If you are a graduate who is working or training at the College, you may have both an alumni email address and a Baylor email address. They are two completely separate accounts.

What happens to my current email address when I leave Baylor?
Your current Baylor email address and mailbox will be closed and access removed upon your termination date. A “bounce-back” message will be sent to all senders of email to your now closed address providing them with your new Baylor alumni email address.

Can I forward my alumni account to another address, such as Gmail?

Can I call the Baylor IT Helpdesk for support?
The Baylor alumni email address is an externally hosted Microsoft service. The Helpdesk will not be able to provide support other than very general questions and password issues. Users of this service will need to work through Microsoft’s online support, which is located on the alumni email homepage.