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Please see this page to view BCM's current bid opportunities. 

Terms and Conditions

As a vendor working with Baylor College of Medicine, it’s important that they understand the terms and conditions associated with our relationship. Review the terms and conditions and if you have any questions, contact Suppliers@bcm.edu.

Invoice Payment Guide

For our vendors, it is crucial to review our instructions on how to properly submit invoices to expedite the payment process. 

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Who Qualifies as a Diverse Vendor?

View information about supplier qualifications and certification requirements.

Supplier Diversity

Baylor College of Medicine is committed to the inclusion of all businesses, both large and small. The Supplier Diversity and Small Business program helps support that commitment by promoting a business environment where our institution and small businesses can both benefit. We seek suppliers who can assist us in meeting our challenge of providing the goods and services required of a medical research community. 

Learn more about supplier diversity.