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Philosophical Bioethics Consortium and Web Hub

Blumenthal-Barby, Ph.D., M.A. from the Center for Medical Ethics and Health Policy developed a Philosophical Bioethics Hub with support from the Greenwall Foundation and Consortium partners at the Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics, Georgetown’s Kennedy Institute of Ethics, and NYU’s Center for Bioethics. The Hub website includes: Greenwall Philosophical Bioethics Seminar Series, normative-empirical bioethics tookit, events and web-based lecture series in philosophy and bioethics.

Houston/Galveston Philosophical Bioethics Network

The Houston/Galveston Network is comprised of philosophers working at the intersection of philosophy and bioethics. The network is a collaborative between philosophy faculty and post-docs in The BCM Center for Medical Ethics and Health Policy, Rice University’s Philosophy Department, and UTMB’s Institute for Bioethics & Health Humanities.

The network meets monthly for works-in-progress sessions. Contact Dr. Blumenthal-Barby at if you are a philosopher (faculty or post-doc) in Houston/Galveston interested in joining the group.

Recent topics have included consciousness and value, addiction and blameworthiness, the moral authority of experience, fetal pain and personhood—among others.

Philosophy Book Reading Group

The group reads and discusses (through five-six meetings) one new book in philosophy with relevance to bioethics each semester (fall, spring).

Books read so far include:

Semi-Annual Philosophical Bioethics Workshop

This workshop is sponsored by the Greenwall Foundation. View program agendas from the past workshops for details:

Philosophical Bioethics Scholarship

Check out recent philosophical bioethics scholarship from the center’s faculty, post-docs, and staff:

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