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Master Teachers Fellowship Program 


As of Spring 2024, the Master Teachers Fellowship Program has been updated to better meet the needs of our current and future BCM educators. The program is designed to enhance the educational mission of the College by improving the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of individual faculty in the field of health professions and biomedical sciences education. 

Program Features

  • Competency-based approach to developing educator knowledge, skills, and attitudes: The program is designed to enhance participants’ knowledge of evidence-based educational practice and theory. The competency-based approach provides an opportunity for fellows to identify areas of improvement while acknowledging and building on existing skills. All fellows will graduate the program with broad, demonstrable educational skills that can applied in their current context and beyond.
  • Flexible, longitudinal format: The program combines independent work, asynchronous sessions, and in-person and online synchronous learning to engage participants in networking and collaboration with educators across the College, while providing the flexibility needed to meet scheduling demands. Fellows can expect to dedicate 12–24 months to the program.
  • Connections with education peers: Fellows will not only network with peers in the program but will also connect with program alumni and educational leaders across the institution.
  • Emphasis on educational scholarship: Fellows are required to engage in peer- reviewed scholarship, including the production of conference posters or abstracts, manuscripts, and nontraditional approaches to dissemination of education knowledge.
  • Development as educational leaders: Sessions will guide and support fellows in developing their interest and ability in serving as mentors and leaders in the educational mission of the College.

What Is the Fellowship Format?

Monthly Meetings: Workshops and seminars will be held on the first Friday of every month.

Members of the MTFP class will meet for interactive programming delivered by experts in specific topics (e.g., educational pedagogy, evaluation, research) aligned with the needs of the cohort to reach competency. Some Friday sessions may be reserved for 1:1 or small group meetings with mentors or the program co-directors to discuss fellows’ progress on their educator milestones.

Independent Development: Fellows are expected to engage in external professional development experiences aligned with their areas of interest or need.

Educational Research: Fellows are required to complete an independent or collaborative educational research project that involves application of educational principles to address a meaningful educational problem.

What Time Commitment Does It Require?

A new class of fellows is selected and initiated annually. The next class will form in 2024. The fellowship extends for 24 months, starting in October, though fellows who reach competency sooner are eligible to graduate after 12 months. During their fellowship time, participants are expected to commit at least six hours per month to prepare for and attend Friday afternoon sessions and to work on their research projects. Fellows must also include time for workshops and mini-fellowships. They should also be prepared to make a 5 percent time commitment to the program. A chair letter affirming the fellow’s release from clinical and other duties is a required component of the application

What Is the Cost?

Tuition is $1,500 over two years. Departments or sections are asked to pick up the cost of the program for their faculty members. If they do not agree to cover the charges, we will need to obtain tuition fees from the participant. We will contact department chairs to ask them to fund this tuition unless otherwise requested. 

How Does the MTFP Differ from and Support Other Educator-Development Opportunities at BCM (e.g., the Department of EIT Basic Educator’s Course)?

  • Emphasis on well-rounded educators with a competency-based approach in multiple areas. While fellows can specialize in relevant educational competencies (e.g., assessment, curriculum design), all fellows will develop core knowledge and skills across the competencies.
  • Emphasis on mentored educational research and scholarship. Fellows will have support and guidance in developing educational scholarship from their existing or planned educational work. This extends the benefits of participation to their learners, colleagues, the institution, and the field of health professions and biomedical sciences education, while ensuring that the efforts are aligned with each fellow’s interests and current responsibilities.
  • Emphasis on building and leveraging a supportive educator network. Fellows will have opportunities to connect with each other, alumni, and other educators across the institution. The program will support establishing research collaborations as well as resource and expertise sharing across departments and schools within BCM.
  • Emphasis on educational leadership skills development. Leadership skills benefit faculty at all levels, regardless of current roles and responsibilities. MTFP is designed to support the development of these skills (e.g., effective communication, managing up) specific to the education setting.

For application information, please email

Before you submit this application, you will need the following:

  1. One Letter of Recommendation Writer: The name and contact information for the individual who will write your letter of recommendation. Letters should be sent directly to by May 17, 2024.
  2. Signed Time Commitment Release Form: Please have your department chair or section chief sign and date the form prior to uploading with your application. You can obtain this form by emailing or by clicking the link to apply and downloading the document from the online application form.
  3. BCM Format CV: You will upload your CV using the button on Question #3 in the application.
  4. Personal Statement (limit 1 page): Your personal statement should include
    • A short description of your current educational role 
    • Your greatest strength as an educator
    • The area in which you most want to improve as an educator
    • Your goals for participation in the MTFP program
apply by May 17, 2024


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