Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellow Life


Our fellows come from diverse interests and backgrounds. They were drawn to training in psychiatry and the Baylor College of Medicine Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences for many different reasons. A few of our fellows share their love of Baylor and what they enjoyed about the program.


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Adenike Kamilat Adigun, M.D.

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“Baylor really gave me the opportunity to learn at various clinical sites and be exposed to a variety of psychopathologies of children and families from a diverse background. The attendings and mentors are very supportive! I truly enjoyed the uniqueness of each rotation-- specifically the autism training, eating recovery center, and family therapy elective. There is the opportunity to grow psychotherapy skills, which has been a big component of training, and it’s something that I really valued in fellowship.”


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Ashok Yerramsetti, M.D.

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“I found my time in the fellowship to be a very rewarding experience. We get to work with a patient population that is culturally and clinically very diverse, and with faculty who are excellent educators and advocates. I especially appreciated all the opportunities to work as a team with other specialists to help youth with complex medical needs. I’m truly grateful for all the mentorship from my attendings and our program leadership!"


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Raheel Chaudhry, M.D., Co-Chief Fellow

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“The education and training here have prepared me well enough to work in a wide variety of clinical settings with confidence. I have a strong fundamental understanding of pharmacology and feel capable of managing most psychopathologies that come up. I greatly appreciate the psychotherapy training I received here as it has helped me not only provide therapy services but also develop thorough formulations for all my patients. I had exposure to various patient populations, supervision by wide variety of diverse faculty and staff/teams, a variety of didactics, and rotations through multiple facilities all of which have been invaluable experiences to me. 

In particular, I really enjoyed my time on Consultation-Liaison. It has been a remarkable experience to see how some of these patients with catatonia bounced back to their original functioning normal. I never imagined that a person could go from one extreme to another over such a short amount of time. These type of experiences have been very helpful for me to grow and become more confident.” 


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Karthik Cherukupally, M.D.

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“Baylor's clinical sites provide great learning opportunities where you see patients from diverse socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds with different psychopathologies. This learning experience has been extremely helpful for me to grow, and I feel very confident.”