Distance Education Workgroup




The Distance Education Workgroup (name updated in 2021) has the primary responsibility for the following:

  • Serve as a resource in matters of policy, practice and pedagogy regarding distance education instruction.
  • Identify and recommend best pedagogical distance education practices in alignment with Quality Matters (QM), The Council of Regional Accrediting Commissions (C-RAC), The National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements (NC-SARA), and other related educational standards.
  • Support compliance with regulatory standards and best practices in distance education.
  • Engage in learning activities regarding distance education and the associated requirements.
  • Develop recommended policies, procedures and processes related to distance learning requirements.
  • Recommend faculty development for faculty and administration engaged in, or responsible for, distance education courses.
  • Work with the College’s Office of Institutional Research to establish process(es) for adequate data collection regarding distance learning programs and courses that is comprehensive and accurate (e.g., in what states does BCM currently have distance learning students/rotations, how many students are currently in those states, and tracking, maintaining, and reviewing grievances related to distance learning on an ongoing basis, etc.).
  • Develop a communication plan between the BCM General Counsel and the School/Programs in order to keep the Education enterprise abreast of distance learning requirements in other states.
  • Review new distance learning courses, modules and programs and addresses the coordination of policies, programs, student support services, and supporting infrastructure for distance learning across BCM schools and programs.

The Working Group is not responsible for vetting legal requirements in other states, for data collecting, or maintaining distance learning related data.

View Background and Revised Charter of the DE Workgroup

Distance Education Leadership



Item Definition

Anita Vyas (Academic Affairs)


Workgroup Membership AY 2022


Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

  • Eric Swindell

School of Health Professions

  • Rachel Davis
  • Sally Dibello
  • Elizabeth Elliott
  • Ashley Mullen
  • Dan Riconda
  • Jim Walker (ex-officio)

School of Medicine

  • Nadia Ismail
  • Ricky Mercado
  • Stacy Rose
  • David Rowley

National School of Tropical Medicine

  • Simone Tiu

Central Units/Services

  • Shannon Berry
  • Jimmy Clark
  • Blake Dalina
  • Jim Denk
  • Brianna Etoria
  • Sherita Love
  • Lindsey Minter
  • Megan Monroe
  • Erik Malberg
  • Latoya Whitaker
  • Miranda Wilson

Texas Medical Center Library

  • Katie Prentice
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