Cost of Living Expense Allowance


Academic Year 2023/24


Room and Board



Total Living Expenses






Six Months





11 Months





12 Months






Cost of Living


Cost of Living shown in the table is calculated by our Financial Aid Office using state and federal guidance and includes estimates for transportation, dental insurance and non-prescription drugs, as well as utilities and rental insurance, not all of which apply to every student. They may not reflect actual costs to students living in the Houston area but are the figures upon which BCM determines eligibility for financial aid. Houston, Texas covers 627 square miles and living expenses vary greatly across such a vast area. On average, 60 percent of BCM students do not accept the full amount allotted for cost of living. Your best sources for a clear understanding of the cost and quality of life in Houston are current students you meet during admission interviews. Talk with them, then assess for yourself the financial resources it will take to support your lifestyle in Houston.

Cost of living calculators available on our Housing web page can also help you obtain a clearer view of how expenses in Houston compare to other locations around Texas and the nation.


Direct Expenses

View direct expenses that are billed to students attending each of the schools of Baylor College of Medicine. These include tuition, insurance and fees.