Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

MS in Biomedical Sciences Program Financial Aid and Benefits


Office of Student Financial Aid


The Office of Student Financial Aid assists and counsels students in all four of Baylor's schools in obtaining financial assistance for their education, as well as imparting information on the importance of their financial obligations. 

The primary funding sources are listed at Federal Student Aid published by the U.S. Department of Education. Annual financial aid application forms are required and available to all enrolled and accepted applicants at Baylor College of Medicine.

We recommend students carefully study the many programs that are available. You should become familiar with the various interest rates, repayment periods, annual and aggregate loan limits, and the services provided by the agencies that provide these resources.

Discuss your anticipated need for financial assistance with your family and be aware of the amount of debt you may have to repay once you complete your studies.

Financial aid counseling is available to all students. Questions and appointments can be made at
Student Health Insurance

Baylor College of Medicine (the College) believes student wellness is essential to academic progress. In order to support this philosophy, BCM maintains the BCM Health Student Health Insurance Plan (the SHIP) and requires that all individuals enrolled in any BCM academic program maintain medical coverage through the SHIP or are enrolled in alternative coverage that meets the coverage requirements established by the College. The SHIP provides a benefit for routine care, illness, injury and for the 2022-23 academic year is administered by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas (BCBSTX). 

MS in Biomedical Sciences students are responsible for paying the cost of their SHIP. Students pay for twelve (12) months of coverage. Student financial aid and scholarship funds are used to reduce the balance of the student's cost of coverage. If a student is not receiving such funds, he or she is expected to pay the charges as directed by Student Account Services. 

If the student chooses to opt out of the SHIP they must apply for a "Waiver of Coverage". If the student's "Waiver of Coverage" application is approved, the student is allowed to opt out of the SHIP. In order to waive the student health plan the student's alternative plan coverage must meet all of the following minimum criteria established by the College:

  1. In-network coverage in the Houston area
  2. Plan does not provide emergency-only coverage
  3. Plan meets minimum value standard of 60 percent, meaning that it has at least bronze medal status under the Affordable Care Act and is ACA compliant. Grandfathered ACA plans may not meet these criteria and are subject for review.
  4. In-network individual annual out-of-pocket maximum of $8,700 or less
  5. Coverage for prescription drugs (prescription discount cards will not be accepted as coverage)

If your alternate coverage does not meet the waiver criteria, you will be enrolled into the SHIP and responsible for paying the related premiums. Student with questions about the waiver process will need to contact the BCM Human Resources – Benefits Office at to provide the required information.