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Clinical Resources for Baylor O & P Preceptors


This page provides information for our Baylor preceptors. For questions, contact the O & P Program directly at


BCM Clinical Education Information

  • We are an NCOPE-accredited residency program.
  • All residents complete NCOPE Master's degree education standards within the first 12 months of the program.
  • The residents are still enrolled as students at Baylor and pay tuition throughout their combined 18-month residency.
  • The first three rotations are four months long each, while the second year of residency can contain two three-month rotations or one six-month rotation.
  • All residents are research track with one remote course per rotation.
  • All rotations are planned from January to March of every year for the whole academic year (Example July 2024 to July 2025).

Benefits of BCM Affiliation 

  • Contribute to the future of Orthotics and Prosthetics
    • Improve lives and strengthen the profession through clinical education
  • CEUs
    • Mentoring residents can be time-consuming (especially for first rotation) but very rewarding
    • Time spent mentoring a resident can be tallied up and submitted to ABC for CEUs
    • Submit your time for CEUs
  • Clinical Educator Development: 
    • All primary preceptors get free access to BCM’s annual Continuing Professional Development Webinars
    • These live webinars offer CE credits.
    • Asynchronous viewing is available upon request
    • Every year has a different theme. See the schedule
    • Past themes have included: Clinical mentorship training and research updates in O&P
  • Voluntary Clinical Faculty Status:
    • Benefits: TMC library access
    • BCM email
    • BCM Continuing Professional Education
    • To apply:
      • Submit your CV, transcripts, and other required paperwork
      • If interested, reach out to
  • Recognition: 
    • All primary preceptors can be nominated for the annual clinical teaching excellence award by their residents. 

Clinical Teaching Excellence Award

Media Component
Shown left to right: Denise Hull, Shawna Ziemer, and Kendall Brice at the 2023 BCM School of Health Professions
Shown left to right: Denise Hull, Shawna Ziemer and Kendall Brice at the 2023 BCM School of Health Professions Awards Ceremony

Each year a clinical preceptor is nominated by the residents to receive the clinical educator of the year award.

Clinical Teaching Excellence Award Winners

  • 2023 Shawna Ziemer, CPO
  • 2022 Bobby Latham, CP, BOCO and Alex Hedquist, CPO
  • 2021 Joey Koblasz, MS, CPO, LPO
  • 2020 Brent White, CP, MPT
  • 2019 Christina Gambrell, CPO
  • 2018 Noel Vega, PT, CPO
  • 2017 Andre Martinez, LP
  • 2016 Lee Jones, CPO, LPO
  • 2015 Thomas V. DiBello, LO, CO, FAAOP

BCM Clinic Site Requirements


The clinic must be an ABC Accredited facility and the primary mentor must meet all NCOPE requirements (stated below).

Qualifications for Resident Mentor per NCOPE:

  • 4.2.1 Must possess a state license, national certification, or international recognition as an orthotist/prosthetist. Must have successfully completed
  • formalized orthotic/prosthetic education from a CAAHEP accredited program, a former O&P accredited education in the area supervision is being
  • provided or be equivalent to ISPO Orthotist/Prosthetist (formerly Category I)
  • 4.2.2 Must have three years post certification or licensure experience
  • 4.2.3 Must be principally located at the residency training site
  • 4.2.4 Must have completed the required modules of the NCOPE Residency Online Development Training Course or the Approved Clinical Mentor Course 
  • 4.2.5 Cannot be a currently registered

Orthotic/Prosthetic Residency Standards - The National Commission on Orthotic and Prosthetic Education (

Our process does not require an OPRESCAS application as the residents are not employed by the clinical site, only completing a portion of their training.The clinical site does not have to pay the NCOPE residency fees associated with hosting a resident (Baylor covers this cost). 


Additional Information

  • We are currently affiliated with over 200 preceptors from about 200 clinics nationwide.
  • Most residents achieve two to three competencies per rotation.
  • 45% of our graduates are employed at a clinic where they completed a residency rotation during the program.
  • The average BCM graduate first-time passing time board passing rates are consistently higher than the average across all first-time takers. 

Request Clinical Affiliation


Do you represent a site interested in becoming a clinical site for Baylor Orthotics and Prosthetics residents? 

Next steps:

  • Complete the online form to request affiliation.
  • The Clinical Coordinator will reach out to schedule a zoom meeting to learn more about you and your site and provide an overview of what to expect.
  • Legal will begin the affiliation agreement process, which typically takes between two to four months.
  • Fill out the clinical availability survey each year in December.
  • Have a great time working with your residents!
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