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Thank you for your interest in doing business with Baylor Medicine. If you would like to meet with one our physicians regarding your product and/or services, please see the contacts below to schedule a meeting during non-clinic time.

Please note, we ask that you do not bring food or any type of gifts to our faculty and staff.

Department Contact Information for Vendors
Anesthesia / Interventional Pain - McNairJanean Bacon713-798-6152
Comprehensive Healthcare Clinic- McNairJorge Gorjon713-798-0900
Dermatology - Jamail Specialty CenterSharon Lunbeck713-798-5045
Diagnostic Services Radiology - Kirby GlenMonica Mata713-798-2248
Family MedicineEber Lopez713-798-2170
Genetics - McNairTanya Eble713-798-8321
Infusion Center - McNairKesha LeBron713-798-5338
Allergy, Immunology & Rheumatology Ahmar Mehmood713-798-1092
CardiologyNichole Leblanc-Butler713-798-5953
Cardiology – McNairVida Kahrizi713-798-2110
Endocrinology - McNairAhmar Mehmood713-798-1092
Gastroenterology - McNairEmily Havens713-798-7908
General Internal Medicine - McNairAfreen Ali713-798-2491
Geriatrics - McNairLiza CalderonN/A
Infectious Disease - McNairAhmar Mehmood713-798-1092
Nephrology - McNairAhmar Mehmood713-798-1092
Pulmonary/Critical Care - McNairChristy Guenther713-798-2685
Sleep Medicine - McNairChristy Guenther713-798-2685
The Sleep Center - Kirby GlenMichael Cassidy713-798-2261
Transition Medicine - McNairNancy Ramirez713-798-3323
Neurology - McNairJamie Leblanc

Deborah Boone
Jamie: 713-798-6334
Deborah: 713-798-4281
Neurology - Alzheimer's Disease & Memory Disorders - McNairJamie Leblanc

Deborah Boone
Jamie: 713-798-6334
Deborah: 713-798-4281
Neurosurgery - McNairJanean Bacon713-798-6152
OphthalmologyStephanie Kapp713-798-5133
Orthopedic Surgery and Physical Therapy - McNairAnisa Ali713-798-7561
Otolaryngology - Jamail Specialty CenterJackson Bush713-798-5226
Physical Medicine & RehabilitationN/A713-986-7246
Psychiatry - Jamail Specialty CenterWhitney Ursin713-798-6228
Spine Center - McNairJanean Bacon713-798-6152
Bariatric Surgery - Jamail Specialty CenterNick Ryan713-798-8371
Cardiothoracic SurgeryLindsey Vargas713-798-8536
General Surgery - Acute Care and Hernia Clinic - McNairDjacarda Williams713-798-8296
Plastic Surgery - Jamail Specialty CenterNick Ryan713-798-8371
Thoracic Surgery - McNairStephanie Middleton713-798-7224
Vascular Surgery - McNairStephanie Middleton713-798-7224
Urology - McNairWinfred QuilaN/A