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T32 Research Fellow Matches to UCSF Cardiology Fellowship

Bertie Taylor

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Ishan Kamat

Dr. Ishan Kamat, internal medicine resident and T32 biodesign research fellow in the Department of Surgery, successfully matched with the cardiology fellowship program at the University of California San Francisco. The program prepares fellows for a vast array of career options which include clinical practice, translational or laboratory research and helping design health policy. The university also has a center for digital health innovation, which is an ideal fit for Dr. Kamat's career trajectory.

Dr. Kamat joined Baylor College of Medicine’s T32 Research Training Program in Cardiovascular Surgery as a MeRIT (Medical Resident Investigator Track) scholar.  During his first year of T32 support, he also participated in the TMC Biodesign fellowship. Dr. Kamat’s T32 training aligned three different programs—internal medicine residency, the surgery T32 program, and TMC Innovation Biodesign. He is currently in the T32 bioengineering and biodesign research track under the mentorship of Dr. William Cohn, professor of surgery at the College and director of the Center for Device Innovation in Texas Medical Center.

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