Order Service


Steps to Order Service

  1. For service requests go to ilab page.
  2. Click schedule equipment tab to reserve equipment or request service tab for metabolism or phenotyping services.
  3. Go to request service tab.
  4. Click mouse metabolism or mouse phenotyping.
  5. Click initiate request.
  6. Put number of samples in the designated box.
  7. Click add service next to it.
  8. Click submit at the end of the form.

Steps to Utilizing the Mouse Metabolism and Phenotyping Core

  1. Before any procedure can be performed, all work must be added to and approved on your protocol.
    • If you are requesting mouse metabolism work, you can reference protocol # (AN-7135) in your amendment.
    • If you are requesting mouse phenotyping work, you can reference protocol # (AN-4101) in your amendment. The core can provide suggested language for procedures where your lab will perform
  2. Register for our scheduling and billing system, iLabs. Students/Post-Docs/Lab Staff can create their account using their BCM credentials at The PI of the lab must log into the same site and authorize the students/post-doc/lab staff account and assign the appropriate charge source utilizing the following directions:
    • Go to the main iLab login page for BCM researchers:
    • Click the BCM user login option.
    • You will be re-directed to the BCM single sign-on page.
    • Login using your official BCM username and password (ECA credentials).
    • Upon successful authentication, you will be directed into your account in the iLab system.
    • Click the "core facilities" link in the left menu and select a core from the available list of cores.
    • Once on a specific core site, click the 'schedule equipment' tab to reserve equipment.
    • Click on 'my labs' in the left menu to go to your lab management settings.
    • Click on 'view requests' in the left menu to view services requested by members of your lab.
  3. If you need assistance with protocol design in metabolism related work and/or any customized experiment in the field of diabetes/obesity/lipid metabolism, you can contact Pradip Saha at or 8-3704. If you need assistance with mouse phenotyping related work including protocol design, general questions or comments concerning the core, you can contact Christopher Ward at or 8-5040.
  4. The Mouse Metabolism and Phenotyping Core (MMPC) at Baylor College of Medicine is heavily subsidized by the College and it is an NIH requirement that any publication using equipment and/or expertise from an NIH-funded shared facility, such as the MMPC, acknowledges this funding. To abide by this requirement, please add the following sentence in the funding section of any publication using data generated within the MMPC: “This project was supported by the Mouse Metabolism and Phenotyping Core at Baylor College of Medicine with funding from the NIH (UM1HG006348, R01DK114356, R01HL130249) and the expert assistance of Christopher Ward and Pradip Saha"
  5. For mouse metabolism work, the mice will need to be brought to the 6th floor of ABBR (R632). For mouse phenotyping services, the mice will need to be brought to the Taub Animal Facility-Mouse Phenotyping Core (T001). Once work is complete in both locations the mice can be housed only in the Taub animal facility. If you do not have housing there, speak with Christopher Ward and he can arrange housing for your mice.
  6. If you would like to drop off plasma/serum samples for analysis, please bring frozen samples and drop them off at room R637 (6th floor of ABBR building). After analysis, the left over samples will be placed in -80°C for one week and will be discarded if not picked up.