Center for Coregulator Research (CCR)


Director’s Message

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Dr. Bert O'Malley

The mission of the CCR is to understand transcriptional coregulator biology through distinct multi-disciplinary approaches that aim to advance our understanding of these master regulatory proteins are connected to reproduction, physiology and human disease. The CCR brings together a diverse group of established investigators in coregulator biology to elucidate their structural, transcriptional, metabolic and physiological significance with the ultimate goal of developing therapeutics to treat human disease.

Bert W. O’Malley, M.D.
Director, Center for Coregulator Research


Center Highlights

  • Drug Discovery: Coregulator small molecule screening, medicinal chemistry and characterization
  • Federal and state funding for coregulator research: Program Project and collaborative funding efforts to support multidisciplinary approaches to characterize coregulators  
  • Therapeutics and clinical research: The CCR seeks to translate basic and translational research toward clinical trials
  • Commercialization: Efforts to form CCR partnerships with biotechnology partners to support IND-enabling studies and human clinical trials to advance coregulator therapeutics to treat cancer, heart disease, stroke and other diseases.
  • Education: Special educational programs and regular seminars emphasizing the role of coregulators in cancer biology and medicine. 
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